Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sponsor links are up! And FAQ section.

SO it's some horrendously unsocial hour, which is always the best time to be on a computer editing HTML!

Check out the right hand side of the page for our sponsors - Profiles on these guys will be going up in the coming week as blog posts and watch out for new additions at all times! GO visit their sites and have a look around.

Also, as a lot of you are asking about this stuff, there's an FAQ section I'll be updating regularly for the questions I should have answered but haven't because I'm not on the ball. Check it out in the tabs above, and if you ahve any questions blast them at me on the facebook group :

Other than that here's a quick explanation about "moto" heats we use for the downhill - the system we've used for many Hog Hills and was also used in the 2012 olympic BMX racing.

Our variant uses 3 rounds, where riders are picked at random against 4 or 5 others (5-6 man heats work well). You get to race once in each round and get awarded points based on position. You end up with a big table of scores, and the top few go through into a final. With smaller disciplines, we still have the final, because it's extra racing.
The racing is fun, and we try to blast through it as fast as possible. Of course, if you don't want to race you're welcome to freeride between heats - just let the line marshal know that you're not getting a cheeky head start ;)

8 man final at a particularly rainy Hog Hill

Round: This is a group of heats - we've had up to 17 in the past across all disciplines! we have three. So you get to race three times to build up your score.

Heat: this is your individual race. There are many heats in a round, and you will normally only race in one per discipline per round. 

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