Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A lack of miniramps and travel info

Firstly I'm afraid we can't afford the miniramp this time round. It's going to cost more than we can justify off this event - I'll be looking to raise some funds over winter to build it for next season, but that'll be a whole new post for another day.

Second up

The loop. Stratford has been
 left in for reference
Hokay, so the circle line loop (the part of the circle line that fairlop, Hog Hill's closest station is on) is closed for the whole of the weekend that hogtoberfest is on. There are replacement buses as detailed here, along with all the works:

To help plan your journey head to and use the journey planner - you can input the postcode and set walking to approx 15 mins. I believe a good option is to get a train to Romford station, and then a bus to the top of the hill on the main road round the corner from Hog Hill.
I'll repost the map here: Hogtoberfest transport , and here's an example tfl route for Romford rail station to the centre in this Silly long link!

Road access is easy enough, unless you have an old van/camper (pre year 2002 reg I think), in which case you'll want to look at Low Emission Zone homepage and the map is HERE! 

For you international people here are the links for Stanstead and Heathrow which should give you some help - if you need any more info about travel please contact me and I'll do my best to help.

Also for anyone coming from abroad, or living in the Uk and wanting to fly their home country's flag, please bring one along if you would like. The flag I will be buying will be 155 x 95cm.

Remember, questions are welcome!
Peace, love and skating!

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