Thursday, 6 September 2012

Disciplines, a map and some blog stats.

What can you do when you come to Hogtoberfest?

I've covered the slalom so here's what else is going on:
(once my copy of photoshop decides to play ball I'll be putting a venue map up)

Downhill freeride/race

The hill is a two-route course, and last year people were clocking 33mph off the top left onto the straight (of course, you can go much slower if you carve or don't push so hard). From there you can go straight ahead and run off speed on a gentle right-hander, or take the race course which dives tighter right into a chicane style left-hander exit that straightens it back up. The runout from there is slightly uphill, but you carry your speed forward and round a right hander after a short straight. Want to see what the race route is like in a video? Funny you should ask...

Sliding/slide bowling

Sliding happens on the GS Hill, which runs parallel to the main race hill, and slide bowling will either be there, or at the steep downhill just as you enter the centre. You're welcome to bring whatever duro wheels you want and make screechy noises, because there's no neighbours to complain.

Flatland/messing about/Mini Moto
Sorry Shana Synne, I stole your picture!

Yep there's room for that aswell. It's not expansive swathes of smooth tarmac, but there's a decent amount of flat at the top of the hill to roll around on and have a play. And of course there'll be a bouncy castle. WINNER! The mini motos need a whole post to themselves, so I'll cover them later. The pic is a sneaky peek at them though....

The local area

I made this last year, but it's still accurate. Check out the general locale, shops, campsite, transport etc!

View Hogtoberfest info map in a larger map

And finally for all you stats geeks out there:

1) Over 10% of you are viewing this on mobile operating systems. Sorry! The mobile version is atrocious, but I'm too inept to make it better. I hope it's not too unbearable.

2) More of you are using firefox than chrome as a browser (boo) and a load of you are still on Internet Explorer (it doesn't tell me which version) So I'll assume you're all on the brand new shiny one!

3) Guten Tag! to all the Germans looking at the blog - about 20% of the recent hits have been from you guys, so we hope to see you representing in October :)

4) In the last month the blog has had 1400 hits - this is nuts as last year at this point we were only at around 500! The busiest day so far this year had 174 hits!

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  1. You'll find a good map of the site plus info, elevation chart and videos at
    Please add your own videos and feel free to leave comments regarding your experiences at Hog Hill


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