Wednesday, 12 September 2012

More Sponsors and signup

Hokay, so the observant of you will notice a few more logos on the right of the blog. Yep! These are more sponsors - the new ones being

Gyro Uk 
             The UK branch of an international inline wheel company providing some prizes for DH inline

Original Skateboards 
             Who'll be sending us some swag in the near future, including a prize or two.

Dangerous decks 
              Who will be ever present with their danger machines the Mini Motos, shotgun proof boards, and maybe something bigger...

Marmalade skateboards 
               A Southend-on-Sea based skate company who also print tees - they'll be repping quite a lot of stuff, and if you're following DAS Industries expect to see some colab in the future!

Watch out for sponsor posts coming up in the future: and interview with Kami from Newton's Shred, and a big bit on our overseas sponsors Comet and Original. Boom.


Signup wise, we've got 6 weekends to go, and very few are paid up. To incentivise this a bit:

  • Win a set of Ceramic bearings and a teeshirt (cheers SMB!)
  • To be entered into the raffle, sign up and pay your attendance fees before 8pm, 1st October
  • That's it!
So get your pennies together and sign up and pay up to be in with a chance of getting those bearings! Remember, the more people who prepay means it's much easier for me as an event organiser to put these events on - The budget for Hogtoberfest is such that I have to pay for the track a month before the booking date, which means a LOT of money goes out a lot earlier than people realise. This is why its helpful to get money in early, but for you guys also a good chance for some swag. The winner will be announced on the day and will get their prize at the beginning of the weekend to make full use of both the shirt and the bearings :)

Looking forward to a very busy six weeks! Keep an eye out for travel info in a (not particularly) well researched post on Friday at some point!

Peace love and skating!

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Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab
Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab