Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Slalom things! UKSSA and Octane Sport

Tim Neal starting a Giant slalom run.
Picture copyright www.nearthecoast.com
The United Kingdom Slalom Skateboard Association (UKSSA) are the governing body for all the cone-dodging that happens here in the UK. Their men on the ground Sam Gordon and Rob Ashby have done a huge amount over the past years to secure HogHill as a regular venue and made sure stuff has run smoothly on both disciplines up 'til recently when both myself and Alex Ireon have given them a helping hand with all you unruly downhillers.

For a bit of history and their website, head to The story of UK slalom and have a read.

The UKSSA will be running two disciplines at Hogtoberfest: Dual Hybrid slalom and Giant slalom, both of which are timed and both of which involve a totally not straight line of cones to get down. The difference is that the dual hybrid is a race side-by-side with tight cone spacing whereas with giant it's just you and the whole thing is faster, steeper and more all over the hill.

Want to know a bit more about the slalom scene ? Catch up with Louis and Bruno in this video:

The slalom wouldn't be happening without the ever orange Octane Sport ramps. Michael Stride , a force to be reckoned with when it comes to super fast slalom times and ridiculously large ranges of longboard gear will be bringing a van of timing gear, start ramps and most likely a decent amount of shop stock along to the hill. Go check it out at www.octanesport.com!

Timing gear and ramps. 

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