Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The signup raffle! and Comet Skateboards


Okay, so currently we have 12 people entered into the raffle for a set of Ceramic SMB bearings and a SMB teeshirt. 
Want in? Sign up and pay up for Hogtoberfest before 8pm on the 1st October, with the winner announced later that evening.
If you know you're going, it's definitely worth paying up and getting in on the raffle. 

And so on to our sponsor:

History wall in the shop.
Comet have agreed to give us some stuff for prizes etc, so here's a load about possibly the most eco-friendly longboard manufacturer out there. Based in Ithaca, NY they now have a physical store where you can not just buy their latest offerings, but look at their 14 year board history.

There's a lot of things that make Comet stand out:
First off, they're community driven; all their boards are designed based on continuous feedback from not just their team riders, but everyone else who has owned a Comet board and chipped their opinion in to the company or the threads on Silverfish. 

Secondly, their eco-credentials are very impressive - manufactured in the 'States  using a "closed loop cycle" for their materials, water-based inks and sustainably sourced hardwood make them an awesome choice for the environmentally conscious skater.

Thirdly, the overall company ethos.
This got them an article in the Wall Street Journal - "Ramping up" , and is generally why they run things like the Ithaca slide jam.
Check out their website to learn more or look at the sweet stuff they make, and then have a watch of the Ithaca slide jam!
Peace, love and skating!

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Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab
Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab