Sunday, 14 October 2012

Marmalade Skateboards & Event Tees!

Marmalade skateboard are a collective of street skaters who set up in Southend to try to create some interesting artwork on some interesting boards. Moving towards the art side more than tech, they press seafront cruisers, boards for carving, pool and street decks. The thing that sets them apart is their artwork - all the designs are their own, and they scrrenprint them onto the boards. To help with the costs of the skate side of the team, they also print teeshirts using the screenprinting method (here for more info) - which is partly where they come into this post. There's some sexy images of Marmalade's offerings further down or you can head to their facebook page.

Some of you may have seen this yesterday when I plastered it over my facebook, but here it is again with the full details:


  1. If you want your name on the back, then sign up online before 8pm on 15th October.
  2. If you want to preorder a teeshirt, them buy one in the shop section on the registration page, again before 8pm on 15th October.
  3. a preordered tee will be £10
  4. on the day they will be £15
  5. If you have already preordered a teeshirt before I released the designs, this is what you;re getting. If you don;t like it I can refund, but I think it's pretty Rad!
  6. It's going to be a limited run - if you want a specific size, please preorder to avoid getting a small instead of an extra large on the day!
So there you have it! Marmalade will be attacking this with screen and ink soon. 

The crew are also supporting Hogtoberfest by bringing along a chillout tent, which will have sofas and some music. They also helped us book the two bands we've got for the Saturday evening (more about them in the week) Here's some of Marmalade's offerings; they work a lot with a local art group called tenbomb so check them out as well here.

Expect lots more info on travel, and such this coming week! Less than 2 weeks to go guys! Get Stoked!

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Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab
Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab