Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sexdecks! and the Secondhand Shop

Good evening denizens of both skating and the internet!
Hot off the virtual press we have some info from SEXDECKS, who've just finished their first ever brochure, in time for me to post this. Here's some info I whipped up:

SEXDECKS is a small independent skateboard brand from Germany dedicated to deliver innovative, high quality, and hand-made products for maximum pleasure.
They have been testing decks since 2009 and are now planning, for the first time, to release a small series limited to 50 decks on November 10thTheir cruising and freestyle series features a diverse selection of decks that have been carefully designed and constructed with the input from an international team bringing together oldschool-street skaters, slalom riders, and downhill bombers; to see all of these check out their range below on on their website at

The guys from SEXDECKS will visit Hogtoberfest and give us the chance to check out and ride their decks. A couple of decks will also be sold from their van exclusively and prior to the official launch date. To support the local scene in London and the UK, SEXDECKS skateboards will be giving out one of their pleasure tools for the best newcomer this year. Get excited!  

The Secondhand Shop.

We'll have a table set up which will be manned all day with the purpose of allowing you to drop off the gear you want to sell. The system is straightforward:
  1. Leave your gear with a price, name, contact number.
  2. Leave the Team manning the desk to do the admin
  3. (optional) Buy sweets from the same desk (they'll be selling sweets!)
  4. Have fun!
  5. Come back at the end of the day to see if it's sold. If it has? You get your money. If it hasn't, you'll get your gear back.
The service is free, simple, and means you don't have to watch your gear all day. Boom!

And for your viewing pleasure here's a Sexdecks Spoon-o-matic emerging from the CNC machine, freshly cut.
This makes Engineer Tim very happy!

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