Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Waiver Info! G-Form, Kebbek and Newton's shred!

Waiver info first - this is very important if you're under 18, as we'll need an adult to sign this to say you're allowed to skate and that you've accepted all the potential risks as layed out on the waiver. It's dull, but it ensures your safety! Make sure you bring it along, we'll collect it off you at the sign in desk.
Link here:  Hogtoberfest waiver and parental consent form

(for anyone 18 or over, regular waivers will be available on the day for you to sign)

Right, now onto the fun stuff:

Newton's Shred Was started by three friends with a shared vision of a rad shop selling some interesting stuff not available elsewhere in the UK.

Kami-San (who has a real, secret name hidden from all of us to keep his superhero identity safe) is a fantastic freerider and general joker, managing a lot of the Newton's Family online shenanigans while the elusive Mark and the chilled Alex make sure the shop runs smoothly getting orders out the door, providing advice and turning up to hang out and shred at events like Hogtoberfest. Expect to see the guys present with their mobile shop, with loads of deals for you all! If you're not already part of their facebook, it's >>HERE<<

One of the things the shop has done is pioneer brands into the UK scene in a big way in the last couple of years - two of which are sponsoring the event - G-form Pads, and of course Kebbek Skateboards. 

G-from have pioneered impact protection - from cases for your laptop to knee gaskets with superb cushioning. What these pads don't have in abrasion resistance they well and truly make up for in absorbing almost 90% of impact energy through the stiffening of the proprietary foam. Normally the foam remains soft and flexible, making it ideal for sports, like oh I dunno, skating perhaps ;) ? G-form are sending a big pile of prizes along, and if you don't feel lucky enough to win anything they'll be available at the Newton's shred shop at Hogtoberfest.
Sign up their facebook >>HERE<< for regular updates of how far they're dropping the latest iPads in an attempt to overcome their awesome material engineering.

Kebbek, a latecomer sponsor to Hogtoberfest, have leant their support to Hog Hills in the past. They're currently celebrating their 20th birthday (Yes, they've been around for a while!), and are throwing us some decks to distribute as prizes or in the swag scramble. To be honest their history spiel on the website is better than anything I can write so here it is:

"In 2011 Kebbek has rebirthed itself after a hiatus of slowed production. After standing in wet rotting boots in front of the drum sander making skateboards smooth, the chief board builder’s feet started to fester and almost fell off.
In order to make ends meet he took a fattening desk job while seeking out an apprentice with all the vigour and patience to build the world’s greatest skateboards. By miracle, mister Tim Brodesser, a master woodworker from Germany walked through the front door of our kick ass factory in downtown Ville Emard, the hippest part of Montreal known equally well amongst those from Verdun who need to get their video lottery fix. Mr. Brodesser has since helped completely rebuild the shop from the cracked foundation up including adding another 10 inches to the Z axis on our CNC machine, and now he’s building our great boards. So far his feet have not started to rot, maybe if you buy some of our boards we will be able to turn the heat on in the finishing room."

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