Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Well that went well....A big thank you!

Thanks to everyone who shredded, everyone who helped, the centre and the campsite, our wonderful sponsors for putting in SO MANY goodies I lost track of the prizes! That was amazing, tiring, trying, difficult, stressful, but so very worth it to get you all skating, stoke you all out and give you a rad time. I hope you all enjoyed Hogtoberfest 2012 - I dunno how I'm going to better that, but I'll damn well try!

I hope you all made it home safe: watch this space for winners, pictures, videos, more stuff on sponsors and the event in the coming couple of weeks while people finish their edits etc! If you have anything you want to upload please post it to the facebook, or to das.industries.uk@gmail.com
Most of all I hope you all DO A SKATE!

Timmy Peters,

Thanks to All the people who put time and effort into this:

Everyone who came to skate!
Everyone who helped out:

Moe Neve    -    Race heats, my sanity.
Louise Roberts & Hannah Anderson    -    Signup, sweets & secondhand stand
Benji Collis    -    Saturday Signup
Christine Maier & Brad Moss    -    First aiders, and Brad also running the Mini Moto
Matt Carter, Ben Williams, Charley Moxham & Dan Shinnie    -    Race support team
Sam Gordon & Michael Stride    -    Slalom setups, and Michael running slide bowling
Fi Cruickshank and the PUATB crew for helping to clean the campsite
Sylvia and the cycling centre staff
John and Gemma at Lambourne end
The UKSSA for starting the traditions of Hog Hill, and for letting me do Hogtoberfests on my own!
Grant du Plessis and the IDUK - thanks Grant for keeping my head on straight and giving me pokes when I was being an idiot.

Luke Small and Marmalade Skateboards for organising:
A chillout tent and extra swag giveaways
The printing of Hogtoberfest tees
Getting the bands to the site

The bands:
White Devil's Cause and  Phillious Williams - you guys rocked! Thank you so much for playing; it was awesome!

Thanks to all our sponsors! Without you, this event wouldn't have happened:

Kebbek Skateboards
Comet Skateboards & Volante Wheels
Original skateboards
SMB Bearings
Mantis Boardshop
G-form Pads
Octane Sport
Newton's Shred
Dangerous Decks

I'll be putting all these names in as links later, and posting the full podium lists by tomorrow lunchtime I hope.
Watch this space, stay stoked!

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