Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Schedule, and Board Sponsors: Lush, Comet and Kebbek

Schedule is here! And also off to the printers.

Click for a bigger one!
Lush Longboards, Comet, and Kebbek? All in one post? Yep. That's a lot of awesome right there. Don't worry, each brand will have a bit more of a highlight after H'fest to make up for the lack of time before.

Lush Longboards  

The most powerful UK Longboard brand, hailing originally from Sheffield and now happily sat in a container in the recently voted best place to live in the UK (Bristol, citation needed) have been producing boards for a long time. From birch pintails pressed with no humidity control back in the early 2000's they've built their empire up to an enviable range of boards, all infused with their patent juju and some pretty impressive laminate technologies. They've been supporting the UK scene all this time, and are lending their weight (and giving swag) to Hogtoberfest this year. A big thanks to Rich and his team!

Comet Skateboards

Still hand finished in the outskirts of New York, these guys have an impressive range of boards with green credentials to boot. They've thrown loads of prizes and resources at US comps such as their Ithaca slide jam, and now for the second year they're helping us out with some decks and other swag. 

Comet // DCDC TOUR (Part 1) from Comet Skateboards on Vimeo.

 Kebbek Skateboards

Kebbek are arguably the oldest out of the three companies, having been around for 21 years! Kebbek boards cover all disciplines, and are reliable and indestructible. We've got quite a collection to give out this time round, with a couple of identical decks. Expect one to be scramble to non-podium groms!

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