Sunday, 20 October 2013

Travel info! UK Sponsor Rundown

Travel info now has a tab! Here! Wicked! Now you can ch-ch-check it out on every page.

Y'know what else appears on every page? Our sexy sponsors! Providing us with loads of stuff to keep you guys happy, Check out theses guys's websites's's

SMD are new to the scene, bringing custom footstops and generally the whole shebang of all the bits you need to make your board work properly. A big range of very nice footstops in every size and flavour you could want, made in England, is what sets this hardware company apart. Stainless steel bolts, spacers etc are all available, either through their website, or through winning them!

Faltown skateboards are getting back into the scene after a but of a quiet spell - hailing from the Westo country these guys helped drive the tech slide scene with really nice double kicked board in literally every length under the sun. From a surfing background, these guys have been skating for longer than probably a lot of you have known about longboarding! They're putting some swag into Jorge Higgins' Slide Jam. so go along and win it!

    Dangerous Decks

Dangerous will be bringing their teenage bottlerocket music and more importantly Mini Motos to Hogtoberfest - they're a dangerous but fun fixture. Dare you try?! They also make rad decks other than the Mini moto - all handmade somewhere in the Gloucester countryside.

Tempest Clothing

Tempest clothing unfortunately won't be trading for much longer, and so have shut down their sites, but we'll have some sweet clothing to hand out to you guys as prizes. We hope to see them back up and running in the future soon!

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