Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Media Dump #1

So while the Comet skateboard decks are still flying through the twilight zone that exists between depots, here's the first media dump! A summary of everything that's currently been posted up on Facebook, with the #hogtoberfest tag, and a couple of permanent links to the facebook so you can check back now the event is over. Tomorrow I'll post up a button to buy the last remaining teeshirts as well!

Check it out: Here's the hashtag results:
5th village results (I dunno what that is)
Instagram results
We seem to be beating the guys on the bikes, just watch out for the possibly NSFW bikini babes (not at Hog Hill) further down the pages. Some rad pictures in there guys and girls!

Hogtoberfest event
DAS Industries page <- support this! It's where I post most of my event info before the event pages appear, alongside behind-the-scenes stuff

If you need a sponsor slide for your video, feel free to use this image: clicky for the full size and save down.

Thrill magazine are currently working on an edit - I look forward to sharing that soon!

Joseph O'Connell-Danes put this neat edit together in next to no time!

James Nixon's uploaded a pile of raw videos for you to peruse:

Shove-it mag published this photo-editorial of the weekend's DH and slide antics:
Steven Cornish has done a cracking job with these rad images - ask before you use, and he'll probably give you a higher-res version!

I know I've missed a load; if you've got any more, post them to the facebook wall or message me in the comments box on here and I'll add the link into media dump 2! I'm looking forward to everything else you've all not posted up yet!

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