Sunday, 3 November 2013

The thankyou post!

Such a busy week! But lots of stuff has been sorted out and the Comet decks are now out of customs (yay!)

Firstly, Thank you to all the riders for turning up, riding hard, pushing yourselves and others and having a rad time of it all - I hope all your multiple wounds heal up quickly, and that you'll be able to get out for some sessions before next season. The riding was ace and the number of new faces was incredible, hopefully we'll see you all again next year.

Secondly, thanks to all the volunteers and marshals and the venues:
Shout outs to Louise and Hannah who kept the admin and signup under perfect control all weekend, Big props to Matt Gaydon and Jack Hancock for manning the finish line and helping the racing go smoothly, Big thanks to Andy Thackray for helping get the campsite sorted in the morning - it makes a heap of difference in how happy they are to let us back. Also give yourself a pat on the back if you helped out over the weekend, it's all appreciated!
Big thanks to the other discipline organisers: Sam Gordon and the UKSSA team on the slalom
Lush/Octane/Team Cow rider Jorge Higgins for his rad slide jam and for managing the start line at the races, Sylvia and the rest of the staff at Redbridge Cycle Centre for being so accommodating of 130 smelly skaters, and Lambourne End for letting us have live music. Check out The Lychen for more info.

Finally, thanks to our sponsors - you guys came through and made sure we had some amazing stuff to give out at the event:

I look forward to hopefully working with and skating with you all in the next year. If I've forgotten anyone, shout at me and I'll add it in! Watch out for Winners lists and media dumps coming up.

Peace, love and skateboarding,

DAS Industries

Here's the first full edit of what's hopefully going to be a huge number of videos!

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