Saturday, 25 October 2014

Media dump #1

Apologies for not getting this out yesterday - my internet's been intermittent and a nightmare. Anyway, here's.....

Because I'm going to need to do 3 this year!


This is a bit of a first and deserves a special mention: Dale Goodwin, with his prototype timing system, and Mindless Longboards rider James Allen have both written some blog posts for their respective internet presences. Normally we don't get many of these - if anyone else has anyhting let me know!

Dale Goodwin's blog

James Allen's post on the Mindless Longboards blog

Instagram - #skatehogtoberfest

Check out the huge selection of pictures - thanks to everyone for using the tag to keep the pics all in one place - Hogtoberfest as we know it is only one of many (most involving bacon or motorbikes) using #hogtoberfest - hence "#skatehogtober" to keep our pictures on track, not that i'm against pictures of delicious food.

Iconosquare is what I've been using for online instagram  - here's the link to all that awesomeness. Feel free to keep uploading and sharing! clicky here.

Magazine photographs

Shove It mag 

Diligent photographer April was busy all weekend snapping a huge number of rad shots for your perusal. Shove It mag will get it's own post later on, but here's the photos for now.
Event galleries available through their Facebook, clicky here!
Also, on facebook here: link.

Thrill Magazine

Robyn, who now has a Facebook page as Rhctangles, spent both days behind the lens documenting the goings on - check out the album here:
Thrill again get their own blog post later, but thanks to them for some ex-demo (too small for Joe) Rayne gloves and a Landyachtz deck.

Special shoutout: Boardsite Media

Aaron Hailey, now off on the other side of the world for a year (IIRC) Got some absolutely fantastic shots that have been shared all over facebook and instagram - Check out his pics here:
Click here!

Media Dump #2 will see videos galore and all those other budding photographers we've not yet mentioned. Remember, if you're using someone else's photo for anything, remember to either ask permission or credit the photographer with a link.

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