Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Sponsor spotlight: BTR - Brianne Collective - Boardlogic - Slide Perfect

G'morning you all out there in internetland and beyond! Today we'll be covering some of the sponsors:
BTR, Brianne Collective, Boardlogic and Slideperfect. Make sure to click on their names and show them some facebook love!

BTR Leathers

Ras will be bringing his veariously motley crew with him to Hogtoberfest! Most notably known for his leathers (on show pretty much everywhere in the UK downhill community, Ras is also known for giving us a wodge of cash for campsite nosh or dance jam prizes - who knows what they'll bring this time!
Alex repping her custom leathers at a previous Hog Hill
  • Based in London, Sarunas "RAS" Rasalas is the founder of BTR leathers. he is producing excellent quality, custom downhill skateboard racing leathers for an affordable price here in the UK. BTR is born out a pure passion for downhill skateboarding shared by the team behind the product. Travelling in the team van 'Bimbo' they explore Europe absolutely dedicated to the sport. BTR are is not a faceless businesses interested in just selling leathers but a business that strives to meet customers needs and wants. the phrase "anything is possible" is often overheard between Ras and customers. pricing starts at £310per suit and you will see many of the UK's top riders donning his suits. If you are interested in purchasing a BTR suit then email or go pester him on the day!

Brianne Collective

The big BC, new to the scene but making waves with freerides and outlaws, will be coming along to muck in on the day, and of course to help promote the next big thing in Uk downhill - the BDSL. Who are Brianne collective you ask? Here's what Tom sent us when I asked him to sum it up:

Brianne Collective is a grass roots events organising Collective with our team based all over the UK. Focusing on downhill racing and freeride events BC has been responsible for the UK’s only 2 closed road events in the last 2 years. Tregaron freeride and Brianne freeride both had two simple aims: to deliver as much value for riders and to get as many runs in as possible. We are always looking to expand our event portfolio (with 2 closed road events planned, at least 5 outlaws and 2 other closed road events we are involved in to come next year. With the new BDSL league there is even more the reason to travel to remote races and collect points. we will be putting in the effort to get meetings and races on next year and we hope to see you guys at as many as possible.The 2015 BC team was : Tom Campbell, Sion Hughes, Ry Swanton and Timmy Peters. If you are a company looking to sponsor our events get in touch at
Radios for days! Well, days like Hogtoberfest at least...

Dan Shinnie is someone a ton of you guys will know - if not, listen out for the loud voice and the louder beard. Having engaged in many longboard related ventures over the past few years, he's narrowed it down to this: High quality high tech boards for the discerning rider. With a technical degree and countless hours in the lab/workshop/shed/pub behind him, the boardlogic boards are what you'd expect: a mix of wood and high tech fibre based laminates with carefully chosen properties and glues, attention to detail throughout manufacture leading to an end product that's a jet fighter amongst sopwith camels. Check them out on facebook, check them out on the day, give Dan a high five, and maybe win yourself one!
Also, massive credit to Dan for providing the poster image for this event, Cheers man!

Slide Perfect Wheels

Technically not just part of the downhill lot the mastermind behind slideperfect, Bodhi Keen, has his roots in going really fast then doing skids. He's not messed around with the name, he saved that for the absolutely killer formula that (for the UK and Europe at least) allows you to get the most out of any road surface, whether you want racing, freeride, or indeed just plain old slides. Saying that, SP wheels will let you do tech slide manoeuvures on a duro that won't shake the loose change out your pocket on a rough surface. We've no idea how he did it, but hey, who's to question? He'll be there in person repping, as will team rider Jorge Higgins. When he's done MC'ing the slide jam he'll probably be busting some slides on the slide hill, so check out the wheels in action.

We've got 4 sets up for grabs as prizes, split between slide jam and main racing. We may even have a set in the dance jam for those who like your shuv tricks!
You know what wheels look like. Here's Slide Perfect's "Euro lurk"

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