Thursday, 8 October 2015

Shops Spotlight! Surf n' Turf, LBUK, Octane, Newtons

We've got four shop sponsors this time around; Octane Sport and Newton's turning up to flog you gear on the day, and Longboards UK and Surf'n'Turf supporting from a distance through some gear

The only one of the four not based in London, Surf n turf offer awesome value and things like mystery boxes. Keeping prices down by having a few select products works well at restaurants, and the chefs at Surf n turf have done just that with their gear. Check them out and show some love to the newest of the four shops. We're getting wheels and an omen Deck from them, whoop!

Longboards UK are a solid bricks and mortar shop, in the middle of Camden! There's a lot of "are bricks'n'mortar shops outdated?" questions flying around these days, but having been in there on a regular day, they do a TON of passing trade. If we want to grow the scene and get people involved, we need to concentrate on hooking non-skaters into the scene; something physical shops do fantastically well because the boards are right there on a rack, in real life, for all to see. Kudos to these guys for supporting Hog Hills over the years. If you're in London, swing by and say hi; the guys are friendly and it's great to see future riders getting hyped on boards they can pick off a shelf and actually have a stand on. Thanks to these guys, we also have the manny pads to add to the ramps at hog.

Octane Sport boss man Michael Stride started off with the slalom crowd back in the hazy past before the arts council cared about southbank and there was no internet to distract you from actually skating. Boasting a cornucopia of products, Octane caters for every discipline, from Roger Bros. visors through to silly long bolts for your slalom board, if you can think of it Stridey's probably got it.
Octane also keep the slalom guys accurate with timing gear an fast using the ramps. Thanks for supporting the sport over the years!

With a focus on the downhill/freeride side of the scene, Alex and chums keep up to date with all the trends and gear through the Newton's Family - their extensive team of some of the best UK longboarders continually testing all the gear they sell. A few unique brands, such as One Tree, means you've definitely got a reason to check them out on the weekend, and if not hit up their website and see what you can find.

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