Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Sponsor spotlight - the brands: AOB, D Street

So I had a think about how to cover a couple of our sponsors, and the best way I'd describe them would be full-on "brands"; the full caboodle of decks, trucks and wheels are supplied by these companies - Mindless wouldn't be out of place here, but they got a shout last week!

Area one boards have burst onto the scene this year with rider Drew Barham attending a ton of stuff along with the AOB mobile tea/coffee station. With everything from stoneground wheels to your fibreglass top/bottom dropthrough freeride deck, there's probably somethign in that gazebo or on the prize table that might interest you - we'll have some wheels, trucks, and an AOB blackshot to give away to a lucky rider. While you're there, go chat to Nigel - we've got tea and coffee at the centre but he'll be there with the AOB gear and gazebo for you to have a peruse of.

AOB Blackshot. Tasty!

D Street were involved last hog and this time they're back - two cruisers, two tees, fours sets of big fast square lipped wheels, and plenty of stickers for you to get your metaphorical teeth into. D-street's got all the cruisers covered, plenty of selection for your commuter or as entry board for mates who you're tired of lending your setup to on weekends. Give them some likes; the cruisers are pretty ripping little boards. Bonus Points if you watch the promo videos on their site and can identify the riders, and even the locations ;)

One of the two cruisers we're giving away!

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  1. Cool design. Is the board made from carbon fiber? i have a Sector 9 Bamboo Longboard but i want to purchase a strong board for my younger brother. As he want to free ride so i though Carbon fiber will be most suitable for him.


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