Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sponsor Spotlight: Decks, decks, and more decks! One Tree, kebbek, Half dead, Dangerous,

So we've covered Boardlogic (although they live here as well - read more here), but there's a ton of other brands chucking stuff at us wood-wise

You know Kebbek, indestructibe boards, a loooong history (closing on 30 years) making boards and a roster of fantastic riders have kept kebbek up there with the best of them. Stocked by our very own Octane and Newtons, Kebbek have chucked us a deck for you to win! In the past we've had John barnets (a favourite of the Southamtpon university longboard guys, but this time we've got the Juergen Gritzner (pictured) to hand out to a lucky rider.

One tree longboards:
Jay and his crew are absolutely killing it on the slide hills; bringing a truly british skate everything ethos to the hill, jamming tech slide moves on short boards and wiping up the prizes in flurries of street-meets-longboard mashups.
One tree is out there for one reason; to get you stoked. Jay does all his custom designs by hand, stencilling them out meticulously and layering up the spray colours over anything up to 6 weeks for our prize boards. They're not meant to sit on a shelf though; they're there for you to shred them, every scuff bringing through the paint underneath and showing the work. Check them out on facebook, and watch the Onetree crew rip on the weekend.

Sneaky peek at the fantastic decks being painted up right now.

Half Dead
Half dead make some absolutely rad old skool skateboards. Guys skating the slalom are probably more acquainted with the park/pool/vert destroyers - longer than your popsicle with a lot more character and awesome original artwork for you to ruin on the coping. check them out in action in some of the photos on their website ripping up house of vans, and check out the decks on the day!
If you're looking to pick up a deck, check out Native skate store, or just their website:
UK Legend Neil Danns showing the kids how it's done.

Dangerous decks?

Dangerous are on hiatus but they've made it back onto the poster for their Mini Motos - these will be present on the weekend for people to get reacquainted after a year away - we won't have time to race them, but if you need a fun distraction from talking about setups, then grab one and have a go.

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  1. impressive design of the deck. I really like these board. Are these board comes with reverse kingpin Trucks? And what about the wheels? Recently I have found a great board for downhill ride Gold Coast Longboards


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