Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Thank You Posts - Venues

Without venues we'd all be stood outside a starschmucks in Romford picking our noses and wondering what to do. Having us back every year means we can do what we love, so thanks to these guys:

Hog hill is called hog hill due the the ancient name of the hill as documented on the OS map I have on a shelf somewhere.
It's actually called Redbridge Cycle Centre.

It normally looks a little like this...
Originally built for Olympic cyclists to practice without hitting manhole covers, cats, cars or your gran crossing the road. Them lovely slalom guys hired it out for a weekend some time in 2010 and we've been going back ever since. It's a fantastic venue, and we really appreciate being allowed to go back time and time again to do our thing and confuse cyclists. Huge credit goes to Sylvia and co in the cafe for keeping us safe and fed all weekend.

We couldn't do more than one day on the track without a campsite, and after numerous lost deposits and issues over the years, Lambourne End have hosted us again, and gave us another chance to prove ourselves. 
With great effort, everyone got it clean and we got our deposit back!!!! (see volunteers post!)
If you're stuck for a charity to donate to, Lambourne End, alongside being a campsite, is a charity that works with kids and adults of all abilities and disabilities as an outdoor activity centre. Any donations are greatly appreciated, and we thank them for letting us stay!

This was on their website. Someone stole their chickens. Why?! Who even does that? I can understand raiding maryland chicken after a few too many cans of stella, but live chickens?! How drunk do you have to be before that's a good idea...

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  1. Cycling campaign also a great sources of fUn. But i specially enjoy Longboarding most.
    Those two activities have same benefits and Eco-friendly in nature.


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