Thursday, 15 September 2016

Sponsor spotlights incoming!

Now we're at the one-month-to-go stage, everything starts kicking off!

  • Registration is go!
    • New details this year include DH race signup as online only
    • 200 riders limit for the entire event, so grab your spot. we're about 20% registered, 10% paid already!
    • Remember your waivers, helmets, gloves, and camping gear!
  • Sponsors incoming!
    • Over the next couple of weeks we'll get more info on our sponsors; in the mean time, follow facebook links, or the logos on the side of the blog --->>>
    • Also watch out for pictures of prizes, and for the new teeshirts for this year: mockup here (last years sponsors shown, this year a few TBC)
    • Tees available from registration page, we sold out last year, so preorder is best! 
    • Register and pay up online before the 30th September to get your name on the back.
  • News about camping
    • there's now a Camping waiver, but that doesn't mean we're not having fun - announcements next week covering TWO bands we're hoping to get play at the campsite.
    • Please, please save the Lambourne end address, takeaway numbers and the address of the local Tesco in your phone before you leave! No-one does, and then panics when they're hungry and have no data!
    • Lambourne end is here, and you're all capable of using google maps. Most phones have an "offline maps" fucntion as well that you can utilise.
  • Schedule:
    • it's up top in a tab, but the short version reads:
      • Sliding - Saturday PM
      • Dancing/flat - Sunday AM
      • Racing - Sunday Lunch
      • Slalom
        • Dual hybrid - Sat PM & Sun AM
        • GS - Sun AM
      • Freeride - all the damn time :D
    • Racing is flexible because it depends on GS using the hill. it's normally started by 1, finished by 3-4.
  • DH racing
    • there are 3 rounds, so you get to race 3 times. This gives you a seeding number, the lowest totals (eg 1st/2nd/1st in your races = 1+2+1 =4) are selected and semis/finals run as apporpriate. 
    • Sometimes you'll race as 5's, sometimes as 4's, occasionally as 6 down at a time. This is done because the hill is relatively safe and it makes for tighter, quicker racing. racing 4 down instead of 5 increases the overall wait between heats by 25%. 
    • Racing at Hog Hill is meant to be fun, inclusive, and non-threatening to those coming into the sport. Riders are requested to be good sportspeople, and ambassadors for the sport.
    • Our races are no longer BDSL-affiliated. It was felt that the hill was not of a calibre suiting the league and that it encouraged a much stronger competitive atmosphere than the organisers were looking for.
    • We recommend going and trying a BDSL race once you're confident at Hog Hill, it's the next step up to going downhill faster! 

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Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab
Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab