Tuesday, 11 October 2016

AOB and Slide Perfect

Area One Boards burst onto the scene a couple of years back and have been keenly supporting everything going: From helping make Brianne Collective's freerides happen (including providing hot tea to riders in the pouring rain at Tregaron) all the way through to being Top Sponsors at Crackling with some awesomely generous prizes and funding some of the biggest UK team Euro tours in memory. They'll be at Hogtoberfest in Person, with the AOB van, their range of boards to show off, and a huge amount of support and stoke for the scene and the community. This time round though they'll have the cafe to make tea for them!

With a shiny new set of German-made boards out this year, including the lovely and so far very popular Falling Leaf dancer, they're challenging the established brands in all areas. Their team includes a huge amount of UK talent, and their Euro tour was huuuge! Bodhi Keen, now a team rider but also brains behind Slide Perfect teamed up with guys to try to spread that slide perfect love a bit further, and have made leaps and bounds towards getting their wheels worldwide. With recent work towards affordable rain wheels, Bodhi and co have brought out your "Plan B" in case it rains - the Redemption rain wheels, which will be available from the AOB stand at the event, or Bodhi if he's not beating you down the hill.

Jorge Higgins shows off some moves on the Falling Leaf down West near the AOB UK HQ - imagine having this scenery nearby!

Remember to keep an eye on the AOB pages, there's a brand new board coming out sometimes soon - the only thing we've got to go on so far is this picture:

If you're wondering where to get either AOB or Slide perfect products, check out Gravity House to get everything in the same place. The Gravity House shop will be with the AOB tent, so go check them out for the latest stuff. I'll be there angling for gossip on the new board!

Facebook: Area One Boards
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Insta: @aob_longboards

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/slideperfect/
Insta: @slideperfect

Gravity HouseFacebook:  Gravity House Team
Web: http://www.gravityhouse.co.uk/
Insta: @gravityhouseUK

Bonus Picture. Wrecking some Euro Hills on an AOB Fussion and some Slide Perfect wheels

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  1. I have no experience with this type of wheels but my friend suggest me this wheels for sliding and cruising. Thanks for the post.


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