Wednesday, 5 October 2016

D Street Longboards

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D Street Longboards have been solid supporters of Hog Hill since they arrived on the scene a few years back, and, being a UK based company have seen quite a few UKDH names riding in videos of their boards.

Since their inception, their lineup has grown rapidly, including very neat campus cruising "stubbys" with a pretty rad, retro checkerboard pattern and in the last year or so with a range of wood cruisers that have been reliably scarce in shops due to their immense popularity. From polyprop boards all the way up to drop through and down more serious bits of kit, it's worth having a look through their ranges.

For those of you out there converting street skaters to longboards, the D Street polyprop wheels are spot on; really cheap and with a damn good grip. For those of you looking for something for a distance setup (Tim's prediction: next big thing after dancing) check out the Fly wheels - solid, big grip machines we've handed out as prizes numerous times in the past.

Thanks very much to the D Street crew for sponsoring again!

Tom, Ry and Sion of Brianne Collective Fame having a muck about on some corners

Kick push #dstreet

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