Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Mindless Longboards & Rekd Protection

Oscar and Dan (team riders) on the
start line at Hog

Right back on the first Hogtoberfest, back in 2010, one of the first brands I approached about sponsoring a speculative fledgling event with around 100 riders, was Mindless Longboards. In the years to come, Mindless have supported every Hog Hill, come rain or shine. Over those years they've diversified, improved, innovated, grown and now have three big UK names on their books, having picked up man/myth/legend Oscar Taylor in the last couple of months.

In the past I've raved about the Hamu dancer (I now own one) as an amazingly cheap (sub £200 complete) dancer that can stand up to a good kicking and rides great without having to swap bushings out. This time round Mindless are chucking us a Makali DH amongst other things. The Malaki boasts rocker, concave, CNC shaping, different wheelbases amongst other things, with a huge amount of consideration into making it a "downhill/freeride monster"

Mindless' Voodoo range knocks the socks off a lot of the stuff on the market (built in race bearings included), and come in at cheaper than the competition. If your keen friend without a board can't afford £160 for a kickass single-kick freeride/quiver-killer, then the mindless classic range drops down to pintails for £60. I've known a few people impulse buy these, and now be killer skaters (cough Mike Eales cough)

Based in the UK, The guys from Mindless also skate - you can normally meet Rudee, Martyn, Andy and ther team photographer Michael (If I remember correctly) at the Longboarding for little Hearts Santa Cruise joining in the fun on their boards.

Check 'em out and send them some likes!
Facebook: Mindless Longboards
Insta: @mindlesslongboards

Rekd are relatively new, but partnering Mindless' longboards with really slick, comfy, durable safety gear means they're already one to watch, and a very good option to bundle stuff with a board if you're introducing someone to the sport or upgrading to more serious kit. With Kneepads at the £20 mark and modelled off similar successful pads, none of you have any excuses for shredded knees at Hog Hills in 2017. As a relatively new brand, go follow them to keep up with their progress!

Insta: @rekdprotection

Bonus Points if you can name both longboarders.

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  1. Before riding on your board you must ensure first that you wear all the safety gears. This is the main reason for making lot of Fun without being injured. Thanks for the post.


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