Monday, 10 October 2016

Raw Peaks

Intropducing a new sponsor this year, Raw Peaks have been around for a couple of years: an independent crew making some fantastic looking apparel. Here's what they have to say:
Raw Peaks is a global independent adventure apparel brand based in UK, specialising in developing fashionable streetwear clothing that's hard wearing. Our aim is to bring you contemporary clothing and headwear that are inspired by nature, but built for adventure!
Our products are designed using durable fabrics and have been tested under some of the harshest environments the world has to offer, so whether you're an urban explorer or wild adventurer our clothing will stand the test of time.

We believe in only the highest level of customer service and always try to post all orders as quickly as possible, typically next working day.

Bringing a little adventure into your life since 2014.
Raw Peaks was established in mid-2014 by a couple of British expatriates living and working in South East Asia. Keen adventurers and fans of independent street wear brands we found we needed fashionable clothing that could keep up with our hard-wearing, outdoors lifestyle. We started out by producing three 5 panel designs influenced by our love of nature and eventually took the concept back to the UK.

As an example of the rad stuff they do, check out this, the  Purple 5-panel caps. hardwearing but soft comfortable hats designed by the guys at Raw Peaks, including the side panel Graphics!

Unfortunately Ashley and the guys won't be at Hog Hill in person, but  like/share follow them to get more info and keep up with their adventures.


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