Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Our Sponsors - VANDEM MFG

Sorry this is so late, there's still more content to go up, but real life gets in the way of fun waaaay too often. for a short while expect a new blogpost every day!

The guys at Lush longboards came up with the single company to cover a number of associated products - the Sabre trucks and their fantastic bushings, and the prolific Cult Wheels.

Lush started waaay back in the 90's with boards hand-made in Sheffield, but with more demand and a lot of issues with the hand-construction (anyone who's made their own will know!) they moved their production abroad. That move has allowed their progression to the huge and diverse lineup you can now check out on their website HERE.
 Cult and Sabre, sub-brands released in the past few years have grown in popularity and are now staple foods to longboarders everywhere, with the Cult Classic being perhaps the most widely approved wheels. All of the trucks and wheels can be found on the Lush site.

The site's got a blog on the front, so go watch some videos.

Once again cheers to Adam and Rob for making it up to the event and bringing along all the demo boards - Hope you heal up ok Adam!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Sponsors - Mindless

Go check their range out here!
Mindless Longboards have come a long way from their classic pintails and campus cruisers I remember from when I started riding properly, and now produce a whole host of setups that ride well straight out of the cellophane.  Fitted with a range of very safe smaller diameter square lipped wheels and their own reverse kingpin trucks, their attention to detail even includes coarse tape as standard on their racier setups

Although not attending the event in person, they've given us a bundle of goodies to give out as prizes! Cheers guys!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Weekend Schedule and additional details!

Righty Right People!

Here's the schedule, for a big version click on it and I'll post a text only version later.

Also, Here's a load of other details as well, explained on a map (apart from cashpoints, you can't gmaps them!)

Nearest cashpoint:
Fairlop town, also nearest tube station, and nearest shops.
Nearest food:
the sammich shop/cafe at the cycle centre does some rather good basic nosh items between openign and around 4pm - don't expect foie gras, but expect a good cup of tea and a damn tasty bacon sarnie. They do drinks (hot, cold, and isotonic) and there's water fountains there to fill bottles up if you want
Nearest Big Shop
Probably tesco or sainsbury's in Fairlop
Nearest Pub/shops to the campsite
along the road to the campsite once you've turned right at the traffic lights.

Evening food (and drink)/ breakfast food:
Provide for yourselves - the campsite has drinking water, a microwave, gas hobs and an oven we are allowed to use. BBQs are perfectly acceptable and there's normally a big fire if you want dangerous cooking.
A lot of people have breakfast at the cafe on the hill, or something easy they got from a shop the night before.

Tidying up on Sunday morning
We have to be out of the campsite by 11am, please bag up any rubbish and don't leave mess, so they're happy to have us back another time! I'll bring some bin bags in case but hopefully we won't need them.

Looking forward to the weekend!


Saturday, 8 October 2011

Dangerous decks

Yeah that's right! Dangerous Decks are coming to Hogtoberfest! I've been pretty busy, so sorry Pete for not posting this sooner. Dangerous are an underground mafia of well mannered skaters and real people who moonlight under the guise of making rad custom boards for people everywhere. Dangerous decks have been relentless in their pursuit of high quality kitchens, and their tried and tested bottlerocket luges are currently being used as cupboard doors in Buckingham Palace and Leicester City's Courthouse.

C'mon, their logo is the laser panda, I'm not reporting this like it's the Sunday times.
What they will however be doing (Pete does actually make kitchens btw) is bringing some mini moto and buttboard action to the hills. Check out the disciplines tab for where what's happening.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Now in! Girls' Workshop!

Helena from XSS has offered to do a girl-centric workshop during the weekend to focus on whatever participants want! She'll be taking a break from her usual tight heelside slides to bring everyone together in a less testosterone charged environment, that's almost guaranteed to contain less bad puns and more actual useful skate experience (mostly because I'll be elsewhere...)

It's been recognised for a while the male/female styles and stances (hence the rayne isis and other similar smaller-wheelbase boards) and to make the most of this I feel this kinda session will be beneficial, so drop in and say hi and do some skating! We had a similar session at a HogHill last year that went down very well!

Helena busting some early-grab action on Southampton common

And again, middle left, at the previous Hog Hill
Photo :

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sponsors - Octane Sport

Octane Sports

Octane Sport will be rocking Hogtoberfest as the main Slalom Sponsor, bringing ramps, timing and cones to the regular slalom hills.
Michael Stride, the seasoned slalom champion and online skate shop owner, has been bringing the Octane timing system and ramps to Hog Hill and supporting the event since it's early days. You'll normally find him with the mobile Octane shop over by the slalom hills making sure everything runs smoothly and no-one gets up to anything funny during their runs. Octane Sport as a shop has provided a wide range of boards, parts and hardware to all disciplines within scene for a number of years now, everything from basic mindless rippers all the way through to airflows, the latest Pavels, precision trucks, and a range of bushings that will make your eyes water. If you've seen it in a video recently, Octane Sport probably has it somewhere on the website. Go check it out!

Michael adjudicating as Sam Gordon attacks the cones at the previous Hog Hill. Photo from the brilliant

Monday, 22 August 2011

Sponsors - Newton's Shred

Clicky to go there and check out their stuff
Here's a quick write up of our main sponsor - with their help the event planning has been sweet and smooth, the tricky web code bits for signup have worked fine and their input will ensure a successful event.

Newton's Shred are one of the newer shop on the scene, dedicated to providing awesome direct imports from top companies like Kebbek and Abec 11 backed up by a comprehensive range of hardware items. They have organised, announced, supported and helped the previous two Hog Hill events this year to great results. The guys are dedicated to boosting the scene through events and not just selling you stuff, so they're well worth checking out. If you want to see the stuff in person, expect to see them repping a trade stand at Hogtoberfest covered with tasty skate goodness.

The guys behind it are familiar faces; Alex I, Kami San and the slightly more elusive Mark (who doesn't appear in the photo). You can read more here.

Mega thanks for the support guys!


Thursday, 11 August 2011


Hey all, Signup is now OPEN!

You'll find all you need in the tabs overhead - main signup is in registration and riders: Scroll through the blurb and you'll see signup followed by the spreadsheet - anything you can't find let me know in the comments and I'll sort it out. I'll be keeping you updated on everything as time goes on, which is why this is a blogsite this time round. It also means I can monkey with the colours easier ;).

Hope to see you all there! If you want general chitchat, head over the the facebook at

Keep it Surreal!


Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab
Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab