Details and FAQs

We're heading back to Hog Hill one more time this year! Hogtoberfest is the big one - with a reputation for a jam packed busy event and tons of runs with all your mates, it's definitely one to make!

We're bringing all disciplines together for a huge end of year bash featuring downhill, slalom, sliding, and maybe a hint of a flatland jam! Hog Hill is ideal for all abilities as it has a range of gradients to start people off on without it becoming scary. 

We hope everyone will come away with new skills; University clubs are encouraged to bring their freshers along, and crews or individuals to bring friends who want to learn or need a booster before setting off down the big hill! Evenings will have a party atmosphere, and the two days will be solid stoke for the downhill sports!
Looking forward to seeing some new faces.

Redbridge Cycle Centre (more below)

  •  October 14th (Sat) 1 -5pm
  • Registration at 12.30ish, track open 1 -1:30
  • Dual Hybrid Slalom all afternoon
  • Slide jam 2/2:30 onwards
  •  October 15th (Sun) 10am - 6pm
  • Registration at 9:30, track open 9:30-10
  • Morning: GS, any dual hybrid left over from Sat, flatland jam
  • Afternoon: Slalom Prizes, Racing, Race Prizes, Swag Scramble

  • Downhill
  • Slalom
  • Sliding
  • Streetluge/buttboard 
  • Flatland/ longboard freestyle
Camping : 
  • We'll be camping at Lambourne end centre , but all camping is arranged through the event. Please do not contact the centre directly!
  • To book camping head to Registration and riders and scroll down in the paypal widget to select. 
  • More Details, like where it is, of the centre on the Camping page
  1. How do I register to race?
    Online only! go to 
    Registration and riders and hit up the registration page
  2. Do i need to register for any other competitions?
    Nah, just show up and get rad!
Standard FAQ
  1. Is there a limit on numbers attending?
    Spectators no -the more the merrier! If you're skating then Yes. 200. If you can book beforehand that's best
  2. Do I get a physical ticket when I buy online?
    Nope, you just need to let us know at the signup desk that you've paid online. This saves both us and you guys printing and postage costs.
  3. Is the camping at the track?
    Nope it's at Lambourne end (see the info above). If you need a lift from the track to the campsite, post on the group and find a buddy with a car!
  4. What/when are the workshops?
    Hogtoberfest has become such a huge event, we don't have the time or resources to manage formal workshops on top of all the other stuff going on. There are always people willing to help, so go make some new friends and learn something new :)
  5. I've never raced before / I've never gone fast before - will I manage?Yes! There's no pressure to race or go out of your comfort zone, even when racing (just hold back to where you feel comfortable). The track will be loaded with friendly people, and we'll have workshops to help you with where you don't feel confident. There's a range of different hills to play on, so come along and learn something new!
  6. What's the race format for downhill?
    You get to race in 3 rounds, against random riders. Points are assigned based on position, and the top scorers go through to a final once everyone has raced 3 races in their class (Open, Womens, Groms, Open Luge)
  7. Will there be live music?
    Not Quite, our DJ is in Spain, but we'll be showing some skate vids as well
  8. Will there be ramps?
    The 2 DAS slide hill kickers will be present!

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab
Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab