Heads up!

Under 18s, please have a parent/guardian fill out this form (especially page 2). Bring it with you to the hand in desk- you won't be allowed to skate without one.
You will need to submit a camping waiver at signup to camp

Safety Requirements:
Slalom - Half Shell mandatory, gloves & pads recommended.
All Freeride - Half Shell & Slide Gloves/wrist protection mandatory, pads recommended.
All Downhill Racing - Full Face & Slide Gloves/wrist protection mandatory, pads recommended.
If you want to ride, you'll need to be wearing your safety gear, otherwise you'll be refused access to the track and I'll shout at you lots.
Online Tickets

A ticket to ride entitles you to enter whatever you want (or nothing if that's your jam) and ride whatever styles wherever, as long as you're wearing your safety gear. 

By buying these tickets you agree to all the conditions described in the relevant waivers mentioned at the top of the page. 

Full weekend deals
2 days riding and Saturday camping


Riding Only options

Ticket type

Saturday Camping, per person
(if you're interested in camping Friday as well you must message DAS Industries on facebook - this is a specific separate thing we have to sort out, and isn't a standard option)

Sponsors on the front, signups on the back. In this years colours, on white Gildan heavy


The event won't be cancelled unless the track explodes and London is full of zombies - we ride whatever the weather, so no refunds if you can't make it, or it rains. Feel free to sell your ticket to someone else though!

Signup List

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Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab
Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab