Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sponsors - Octane Sport

Octane Sports

Octane Sport will be rocking Hogtoberfest as the main Slalom Sponsor, bringing ramps, timing and cones to the regular slalom hills.
Michael Stride, the seasoned slalom champion and online skate shop owner, has been bringing the Octane timing system and ramps to Hog Hill and supporting the event since it's early days. You'll normally find him with the mobile Octane shop over by the slalom hills making sure everything runs smoothly and no-one gets up to anything funny during their runs. Octane Sport as a shop has provided a wide range of boards, parts and hardware to all disciplines within scene for a number of years now, everything from basic mindless rippers all the way through to airflows, the latest Pavels, precision trucks, and a range of bushings that will make your eyes water. If you've seen it in a video recently, Octane Sport probably has it somewhere on the website. Go check it out!

Michael adjudicating as Sam Gordon attacks the cones at the previous Hog Hill. Photo from the brilliant Nearthecoast.com

Monday, 22 August 2011

Sponsors - Newton's Shred

Clicky to go there and check out their stuff
Here's a quick write up of our main sponsor - with their help the event planning has been sweet and smooth, the tricky web code bits for signup have worked fine and their input will ensure a successful event.

Newton's Shred are one of the newer shop on the scene, dedicated to providing awesome direct imports from top companies like Kebbek and Abec 11 backed up by a comprehensive range of hardware items. They have organised, announced, supported and helped the previous two Hog Hill events this year to great results. The guys are dedicated to boosting the scene through events and not just selling you stuff, so they're well worth checking out. If you want to see the stuff in person, expect to see them repping a trade stand at Hogtoberfest covered with tasty skate goodness.

The guys behind it are familiar faces; Alex I, Kami San and the slightly more elusive Mark (who doesn't appear in the photo). You can read more here.

Mega thanks for the support guys!


Thursday, 11 August 2011


Hey all, Signup is now OPEN!

You'll find all you need in the tabs overhead - main signup is in registration and riders: Scroll through the blurb and you'll see signup followed by the spreadsheet - anything you can't find let me know in the comments and I'll sort it out. I'll be keeping you updated on everything as time goes on, which is why this is a blogsite this time round. It also means I can monkey with the colours easier ;).

Hope to see you all there! If you want general chitchat, head over the the facebook at

Keep it Surreal!


Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab
Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab