Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The winners!

Respect to all of the following for racing just that little bit harder than their contemporaries, and coming out on top. Commiserations to all the other races, good luck for next time!

Groms (U16)
  1. Max Flesher   - Deck (Sexdecks), SMB Bearings, Wheels + grip (Newton's shred), G-form pads
  2. Nick Moore   - Deck (Kebbek), Wheels (Newton's Shred), G-form pads
  3. Billy Curran    - Deck (Original),  Wheels (Newton's Shred), G-form pads

  1. Shaine Fourie  - Deck (Original), SMB Bearings, G-form Shorts
  2. Bradley Moss  - Deck (Comet), G-form knee pads
  3. Dicky Ward    - Deck (Kebbek), G-form elbow pads


  1. Mary Crossland  - Deck (comet), wheels (Newton's shred)
  2. Cherri Morris      - Wheels, grip and bearings (Mantis Boardshop)
  3. Lotta Loerbroks  - Wheels and grip (Mantis Boardshop)


  1. Lance Martins   - Crash shorts from Gform, Ceramic SMB Bearings, DAS event entry
  2. Oli Slaughter     - Kneepads from Gform, DAS event entry
  3. Duncan macer   - Elbow pads from Gform,  DAS event entry


  1. Aleandre Lebrun  - Tees and hats from SMB / DAS Industries
  2. Grant du Plessis   - Tees and hats from SMB / DAS Industries
  3. Alan Brier            - Tees and hats from SMB / DAS Industries
Mini Moto
  1. Shaine Fourie      - Marmalade swag, DAS tee, stickers, Mini Moto deck (Dangerous Decks)
  2. Joe Baldwin        - Das tee, stickers
  3. Adam Batchelor  - Stickers
And a very Top Gear slalom standings - I'll put the points up on a new post tomorrow!

All podium places also won a limited edition Hogtoberfest stein, from us here at DAS Industries. If you didn't pick yours up, i'll be in contact about sending it toyou.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Well that went well....A big thank you!

Thanks to everyone who shredded, everyone who helped, the centre and the campsite, our wonderful sponsors for putting in SO MANY goodies I lost track of the prizes! That was amazing, tiring, trying, difficult, stressful, but so very worth it to get you all skating, stoke you all out and give you a rad time. I hope you all enjoyed Hogtoberfest 2012 - I dunno how I'm going to better that, but I'll damn well try!

I hope you all made it home safe: watch this space for winners, pictures, videos, more stuff on sponsors and the event in the coming couple of weeks while people finish their edits etc! If you have anything you want to upload please post it to the facebook, or to
Most of all I hope you all DO A SKATE!

Timmy Peters,

Thanks to All the people who put time and effort into this:

Everyone who came to skate!
Everyone who helped out:

Moe Neve    -    Race heats, my sanity.
Louise Roberts & Hannah Anderson    -    Signup, sweets & secondhand stand
Benji Collis    -    Saturday Signup
Christine Maier & Brad Moss    -    First aiders, and Brad also running the Mini Moto
Matt Carter, Ben Williams, Charley Moxham & Dan Shinnie    -    Race support team
Sam Gordon & Michael Stride    -    Slalom setups, and Michael running slide bowling
Fi Cruickshank and the PUATB crew for helping to clean the campsite
Sylvia and the cycling centre staff
John and Gemma at Lambourne end
The UKSSA for starting the traditions of Hog Hill, and for letting me do Hogtoberfests on my own!
Grant du Plessis and the IDUK - thanks Grant for keeping my head on straight and giving me pokes when I was being an idiot.

Luke Small and Marmalade Skateboards for organising:
A chillout tent and extra swag giveaways
The printing of Hogtoberfest tees
Getting the bands to the site

The bands:
White Devil's Cause and  Phillious Williams - you guys rocked! Thank you so much for playing; it was awesome!

Thanks to all our sponsors! Without you, this event wouldn't have happened:

Kebbek Skateboards
Comet Skateboards & Volante Wheels
Original skateboards
SMB Bearings
Mantis Boardshop
G-form Pads
Octane Sport
Newton's Shred
Dangerous Decks

I'll be putting all these names in as links later, and posting the full podium lists by tomorrow lunchtime I hope.
Watch this space, stay stoked!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Waiver Info! G-Form, Kebbek and Newton's shred!

Waiver info first - this is very important if you're under 18, as we'll need an adult to sign this to say you're allowed to skate and that you've accepted all the potential risks as layed out on the waiver. It's dull, but it ensures your safety! Make sure you bring it along, we'll collect it off you at the sign in desk.
Link here:  Hogtoberfest waiver and parental consent form

(for anyone 18 or over, regular waivers will be available on the day for you to sign)

Right, now onto the fun stuff:

Newton's Shred Was started by three friends with a shared vision of a rad shop selling some interesting stuff not available elsewhere in the UK.

Kami-San (who has a real, secret name hidden from all of us to keep his superhero identity safe) is a fantastic freerider and general joker, managing a lot of the Newton's Family online shenanigans while the elusive Mark and the chilled Alex make sure the shop runs smoothly getting orders out the door, providing advice and turning up to hang out and shred at events like Hogtoberfest. Expect to see the guys present with their mobile shop, with loads of deals for you all! If you're not already part of their facebook, it's >>HERE<<

One of the things the shop has done is pioneer brands into the UK scene in a big way in the last couple of years - two of which are sponsoring the event - G-form Pads, and of course Kebbek Skateboards. 

G-from have pioneered impact protection - from cases for your laptop to knee gaskets with superb cushioning. What these pads don't have in abrasion resistance they well and truly make up for in absorbing almost 90% of impact energy through the stiffening of the proprietary foam. Normally the foam remains soft and flexible, making it ideal for sports, like oh I dunno, skating perhaps ;) ? G-form are sending a big pile of prizes along, and if you don't feel lucky enough to win anything they'll be available at the Newton's shred shop at Hogtoberfest.
Sign up their facebook >>HERE<< for regular updates of how far they're dropping the latest iPads in an attempt to overcome their awesome material engineering.

Kebbek, a latecomer sponsor to Hogtoberfest, have leant their support to Hog Hills in the past. They're currently celebrating their 20th birthday (Yes, they've been around for a while!), and are throwing us some decks to distribute as prizes or in the swag scramble. To be honest their history spiel on the website is better than anything I can write so here it is:

"In 2011 Kebbek has rebirthed itself after a hiatus of slowed production. After standing in wet rotting boots in front of the drum sander making skateboards smooth, the chief board builder’s feet started to fester and almost fell off.
In order to make ends meet he took a fattening desk job while seeking out an apprentice with all the vigour and patience to build the world’s greatest skateboards. By miracle, mister Tim Brodesser, a master woodworker from Germany walked through the front door of our kick ass factory in downtown Ville Emard, the hippest part of Montreal known equally well amongst those from Verdun who need to get their video lottery fix. Mr. Brodesser has since helped completely rebuild the shop from the cracked foundation up including adding another 10 inches to the Z axis on our CNC machine, and now he’s building our great boards. So far his feet have not started to rot, maybe if you buy some of our boards we will be able to turn the heat on in the finishing room."

Friday, 19 October 2012

Travel update!

Some of you may have heard already that the Tube station closest to the hill is going to be closed on the weekend of Hogtoberfest. This is a big pain, but there are ways around it!

If you’re coming via train, and you have either an oyster card or a travelcard for London, then I’d recommend you get a National Rail train to Romford station, and then get the 247 bus to the hill.

Advantages: The bus stop is right next to the hill, a lot closer than the closest train station

Disadvantages: Romford is not the nicest place to get lost/spend your weekend.

To do this, get to Liverpool Street station, or Stratford station. Get the Greater Anglia service to Shenfield, calling at Romford. From Liverpool Street, this should take 26 minutes.

When you get to Romford, exit the station and turn right to get to the bus stops, you want bus stop V for the 247, towards Barkingside. 

The stop closest to the hill is Forest Road bus stop.  You’ll know you’re nearly there when you pass a mini roundabout, then there will be a large sign for a golf course on the right. The stop is at the top of a hill with woods on both sides. The journey should take about 20 minutes. It might be worth asking the bus driver if they can tell you when you get to that stop if you’re still unsure.

When you get off the bus, carry on straight ahead and take the first road on your left, Forest Road. About 300 metres down the road is the entrance to the centre.

If you’re coming from a more local place, or don’t fancy this route, you can still go to Leytonstone station and catch a rail replacement bus service.

Advantages: There will probably be lots of Tfl staff to tell you where to go

Disadvantages: You will have to switch to another bus at Newbury Park station, and that the next bus will still only drop you at Fairlop station, a good mile and a half away from the hill.

There are various other ways of getting to the track, but really I’d recommend the first way, if only because it has the least distance between modes of transport.

If anyone has any more specific questions, post them on the facebook group and I’ll do my best to answer them with my local knowledge powers!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sexdecks! and the Secondhand Shop

Good evening denizens of both skating and the internet!
Hot off the virtual press we have some info from SEXDECKS, who've just finished their first ever brochure, in time for me to post this. Here's some info I whipped up:

SEXDECKS is a small independent skateboard brand from Germany dedicated to deliver innovative, high quality, and hand-made products for maximum pleasure.
They have been testing decks since 2009 and are now planning, for the first time, to release a small series limited to 50 decks on November 10thTheir cruising and freestyle series features a diverse selection of decks that have been carefully designed and constructed with the input from an international team bringing together oldschool-street skaters, slalom riders, and downhill bombers; to see all of these check out their range below on on their website at

The guys from SEXDECKS will visit Hogtoberfest and give us the chance to check out and ride their decks. A couple of decks will also be sold from their van exclusively and prior to the official launch date. To support the local scene in London and the UK, SEXDECKS skateboards will be giving out one of their pleasure tools for the best newcomer this year. Get excited!  

The Secondhand Shop.

We'll have a table set up which will be manned all day with the purpose of allowing you to drop off the gear you want to sell. The system is straightforward:
  1. Leave your gear with a price, name, contact number.
  2. Leave the Team manning the desk to do the admin
  3. (optional) Buy sweets from the same desk (they'll be selling sweets!)
  4. Have fun!
  5. Come back at the end of the day to see if it's sold. If it has? You get your money. If it hasn't, you'll get your gear back.
The service is free, simple, and means you don't have to watch your gear all day. Boom!

And for your viewing pleasure here's a Sexdecks Spoon-o-matic emerging from the CNC machine, freshly cut.
This makes Engineer Tim very happy!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Marmalade Skateboards & Event Tees!

Marmalade skateboard are a collective of street skaters who set up in Southend to try to create some interesting artwork on some interesting boards. Moving towards the art side more than tech, they press seafront cruisers, boards for carving, pool and street decks. The thing that sets them apart is their artwork - all the designs are their own, and they scrrenprint them onto the boards. To help with the costs of the skate side of the team, they also print teeshirts using the screenprinting method (here for more info) - which is partly where they come into this post. There's some sexy images of Marmalade's offerings further down or you can head to their facebook page.

Some of you may have seen this yesterday when I plastered it over my facebook, but here it is again with the full details:


  1. If you want your name on the back, then sign up online before 8pm on 15th October.
  2. If you want to preorder a teeshirt, them buy one in the shop section on the registration page, again before 8pm on 15th October.
  3. a preordered tee will be £10
  4. on the day they will be £15
  5. If you have already preordered a teeshirt before I released the designs, this is what you;re getting. If you don;t like it I can refund, but I think it's pretty Rad!
  6. It's going to be a limited run - if you want a specific size, please preorder to avoid getting a small instead of an extra large on the day!
So there you have it! Marmalade will be attacking this with screen and ink soon. 

The crew are also supporting Hogtoberfest by bringing along a chillout tent, which will have sofas and some music. They also helped us book the two bands we've got for the Saturday evening (more about them in the week) Here's some of Marmalade's offerings; they work a lot with a local art group called tenbomb so check them out as well here.

Expect lots more info on travel, and such this coming week! Less than 2 weeks to go guys! Get Stoked!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Sponsor profile: Original Skateboards

Visit the website by clicking the logo
As promised by those lovely people in brown and yellow UPS uniforms, Original Skateboards's swag pile has arrived for all to survey!
Cheers Original! Original S8 trucks & hardware, 9 tees,  Freeride 41" deck and an Apex40 DC deck.
Original was started back in 2002 by Brad and Scott Imbrie. They set out with the intention of creating a surf and/or snowboard feel - developing their own hardware to get the feel they couldn't get from conventional skate gear. In recent years we've seen the release of some very modern creations, they haven't stopped innovating, producing new and more shapes, whilst maintaining their old ethos. They still produce the Original Trucks alongside a fantastic range of cruisers that, as proved by the team in the video below, can still be shredded at speed with heaps of style. 

Apex 40 Diamond Drop Deck
Their newer stuff sits almost on the realm of science fiction - The diamond drop's sharp lines working right at the limits of the wood used. Very impressive engineering indeed.

Original always push to be the front lines in the progression of longboarding, with heaps of style and a huge range of boards as well as great scene support. If you want to know any more go check out their website.

I'm off for dinner now, Enjoy!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Updates and more updates!

Okay, so I've ended up being off-grid due to laptop failure, but I'm back now! Thank you for your patience, I fully intend to buy a new laptop to replace the last one at some point soon.

Firstly, Well done William Ballard for being registered and paid up before the 1st of October! You get the bearings and tee from SMB bearings.

Secondly, The bouncy castle is booked, but it may be one of three designs. If it's the Disney princess one I make no apologies.

Thirdly, I'd like to welcome a new sponsor: Sexdecks. They'll have a stand and some boards to try out as well as a deck up for grabs as a prize. Check out the writeup in the next few days on the blog.

Fourthly, There's still plenty of places left. You can pay on the day, but signing up and paying up beforehand helps everything go smoother.

Fifthly, The package from Original skateboards got rescheduled to tomorrow. So expect a blog update then.

Lastly/sixthly, A quick rundown of the schedule for the weekend can be found below while I sort the graphic for it. The official slalom plan will be up soon and I'll post that as and when.

Schedule (downhill/freeride):

12:30           Sign in opens
13:00           (depending on cyclists) Hill and cafe areas open to skaters - freeride, slide hill etc
                    Bouncy castle and shops/stalls setup
17:00           Pack up and head to the campsite 

17:30           Last doors at the centre (everyone has to be out by this time!)

9:30-10       Track reopens for freeride
11:30           Provisional time for Slide bowling (TBC)
                     Race route closed for Giant Slalom on the slide hill, freeride continues on the main
                      hill with the route changed to the "straight on" track
14:00ish       Racing starts on the race route once Giant slalom is finished. Freeriding continues
                       between heats for those not racing
16:30 ish      Finals & prizes & swag scramble & pack up.
17:00           Home time!

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab
Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab