Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Podium positions and final chance for event tees

Okay guys we currently have:

10 Small
4 XL

Teeshirts left, they're softstyle, so a bit more fitted than the regular tees I make. If you don't know what the event tees look like, they crop up in loads of pictures on the Hogtoberfest event page
The button for the sale of them is here and has the options. Click on the view cart once you're done to head to the purchase screen. If they're out of stock, it'll redirect you back here.



You're all winners (woo, cheesy), and the scene wins as well. This year we saw loads of fresh faces new to the hill. Hopefully all those who experienced Hog Hill for the first time had a great time of it and hopefully it'll encourage you to all keep sessioning and riding over winter - for those of you unaware, there are usually 3 major events a year at Hog Hill, the next one being in May.

(details of who got what to come a bit later)

Open (36 riders, aged 16 and above)
  1. Joe Baldwin
  2. Shaine Fourie
  3. Max Flesher
Groms (10 riders, Under 16)
  1. Leo Kim
  2. Alfie Osbourne
  3. Oscar taylor
Ladies (4 riders)
  1. Cristina Padovano
  2. Christine Maier
  3. Vanessa Coakley
  4. Sabina Edwards
Buttboards/Luge (7 riders, mixed)
  1. Martin Hull
  2. Pete Davies
  3. Lance Martins
Mini Moto (16 riders, mixed)
  1. Shaine Fourie
  2. Dicky Ward
  3. Tristan Price
Dual Hybrid slalom (A group)
  1. Louis Selby
  2. Harry Phelps
  3. Sam Gordon
Dual Hybrid slalom (B group)
  1. Trevor  ?
  2. Gavin Palfrey
  3. Rich Searle
Giant Slalom
  1. Sam Grodon
  2. Mmedo Duffort
  3. Louis Selby

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Media Dump #1

So while the Comet skateboard decks are still flying through the twilight zone that exists between depots, here's the first media dump! A summary of everything that's currently been posted up on Facebook, with the #hogtoberfest tag, and a couple of permanent links to the facebook so you can check back now the event is over. Tomorrow I'll post up a button to buy the last remaining teeshirts as well!

Check it out: Here's the hashtag results:
5th village results (I dunno what that is)
Instagram results
We seem to be beating the guys on the bikes, just watch out for the possibly NSFW bikini babes (not at Hog Hill) further down the pages. Some rad pictures in there guys and girls!

Hogtoberfest event
DAS Industries page <- support this! It's where I post most of my event info before the event pages appear, alongside behind-the-scenes stuff

If you need a sponsor slide for your video, feel free to use this image: clicky for the full size and save down.

Thrill magazine are currently working on an edit - I look forward to sharing that soon!

Joseph O'Connell-Danes put this neat edit together in next to no time!

James Nixon's uploaded a pile of raw videos for you to peruse:

Shove-it mag published this photo-editorial of the weekend's DH and slide antics:
Steven Cornish has done a cracking job with these rad images - ask before you use, and he'll probably give you a higher-res version!

I know I've missed a load; if you've got any more, post them to the facebook wall or message me in the comments box on here and I'll add the link into media dump 2! I'm looking forward to everything else you've all not posted up yet!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

The thankyou post!

Such a busy week! But lots of stuff has been sorted out and the Comet decks are now out of customs (yay!)

Firstly, Thank you to all the riders for turning up, riding hard, pushing yourselves and others and having a rad time of it all - I hope all your multiple wounds heal up quickly, and that you'll be able to get out for some sessions before next season. The riding was ace and the number of new faces was incredible, hopefully we'll see you all again next year.

Secondly, thanks to all the volunteers and marshals and the venues:
Shout outs to Louise and Hannah who kept the admin and signup under perfect control all weekend, Big props to Matt Gaydon and Jack Hancock for manning the finish line and helping the racing go smoothly, Big thanks to Andy Thackray for helping get the campsite sorted in the morning - it makes a heap of difference in how happy they are to let us back. Also give yourself a pat on the back if you helped out over the weekend, it's all appreciated!
Big thanks to the other discipline organisers: Sam Gordon and the UKSSA team on the slalom
Lush/Octane/Team Cow rider Jorge Higgins for his rad slide jam and for managing the start line at the races, Sylvia and the rest of the staff at Redbridge Cycle Centre for being so accommodating of 130 smelly skaters, and Lambourne End for letting us have live music. Check out The Lychen for more info.

Finally, thanks to our sponsors - you guys came through and made sure we had some amazing stuff to give out at the event:

I look forward to hopefully working with and skating with you all in the next year. If I've forgotten anyone, shout at me and I'll add it in! Watch out for Winners lists and media dumps coming up.

Peace, love and skateboarding,

DAS Industries

Here's the first full edit of what's hopefully going to be a huge number of videos!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Schedule, and Board Sponsors: Lush, Comet and Kebbek

Schedule is here! And also off to the printers.

Click for a bigger one!
Lush Longboards, Comet, and Kebbek? All in one post? Yep. That's a lot of awesome right there. Don't worry, each brand will have a bit more of a highlight after H'fest to make up for the lack of time before.

Lush Longboards  

The most powerful UK Longboard brand, hailing originally from Sheffield and now happily sat in a container in the recently voted best place to live in the UK (Bristol, citation needed) have been producing boards for a long time. From birch pintails pressed with no humidity control back in the early 2000's they've built their empire up to an enviable range of boards, all infused with their patent juju and some pretty impressive laminate technologies. They've been supporting the UK scene all this time, and are lending their weight (and giving swag) to Hogtoberfest this year. A big thanks to Rich and his team!

Comet Skateboards

Still hand finished in the outskirts of New York, these guys have an impressive range of boards with green credentials to boot. They've thrown loads of prizes and resources at US comps such as their Ithaca slide jam, and now for the second year they're helping us out with some decks and other swag. 

Comet // DCDC TOUR (Part 1) from Comet Skateboards on Vimeo.

 Kebbek Skateboards

Kebbek are arguably the oldest out of the three companies, having been around for 21 years! Kebbek boards cover all disciplines, and are reliable and indestructible. We've got quite a collection to give out this time round, with a couple of identical decks. Expect one to be scramble to non-podium groms!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Travel info! UK Sponsor Rundown

Travel info now has a tab! Here! Wicked! Now you can ch-ch-check it out on every page.

Y'know what else appears on every page? Our sexy sponsors! Providing us with loads of stuff to keep you guys happy, Check out theses guys's websites's's

SMD are new to the scene, bringing custom footstops and generally the whole shebang of all the bits you need to make your board work properly. A big range of very nice footstops in every size and flavour you could want, made in England, is what sets this hardware company apart. Stainless steel bolts, spacers etc are all available, either through their website, or through winning them!

Faltown skateboards are getting back into the scene after a but of a quiet spell - hailing from the Westo country these guys helped drive the tech slide scene with really nice double kicked board in literally every length under the sun. From a surfing background, these guys have been skating for longer than probably a lot of you have known about longboarding! They're putting some swag into Jorge Higgins' Slide Jam. so go along and win it!

    Dangerous Decks

Dangerous will be bringing their teenage bottlerocket music and more importantly Mini Motos to Hogtoberfest - they're a dangerous but fun fixture. Dare you try?! They also make rad decks other than the Mini moto - all handmade somewhere in the Gloucester countryside.

Tempest Clothing

Tempest clothing unfortunately won't be trading for much longer, and so have shut down their sites, but we'll have some sweet clothing to hand out to you guys as prizes. We hope to see them back up and running in the future soon!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Music yo! And some Sponsor news

My good friend Paul Borrell and his band, the Lychen, are coming to play at the campsite on the saturday - have a listen while you read the rest of the post!


Longboards UK

Longboards UK have been around for a while as a branch of Oddballs, a juggling/circus skills shop. It's pretty unique in the UK in that it has 2 physical locations, so you can go in and inspect boards first-hand. The shops in Camden (London) and Brighton are good places to go check out shapes, wheels and components if you're not sure about them. The staff are friendly, and their website is stacked with all the latest offerings from big brands such as Madrid, all the way through to street setups.
This time round they're putting these prizes into the mix:
  • A set of Gunmetals
  • Pack of thumbcutter grip
  • A Set of Venom tweakers (either 78a or 80a)
  • and some Cadillac bearings
They'll be there in person on the weekend grabbing some footage so go say hi!

Eskimowear Essex

Eskimowear are a new company on the scene, coming from near Southend and already helping out with stuff over their side of London. The sell a lot of clothes, but also skate surf and snow gear (they've got you covered!).  
They're putting up some swag and will be at Hog Hill in person, so go see what they've got on their website:

Eskimo presents: Paris trucks, Dogtown Bandana and tool, and stickahs!

Sunday, 13 October 2013


Okay, so the artwork ins't quite complete yet, but you get an idea from last year's design, updated with this years' colours (note: sponsors will change from those shown in image)

How to get your name on the tee:
  • Pay Up and Register: your name goes at the top of the list, in a bigger font, to show you've contributed more :)
  • Just Register: your name will appear lower down in a smaller font.
How to buy a teeshirt:
  • I'm afrtaid you can't preorder anymore - they will now be on sale on the day in the secondhand shop.

BOOM! The full teeshirt front will be finalised mostly today with some additions tomorrow. Spread the word, get your orders in now!

What's happening; A quick Rundown

So the updates have been sparse but I've been slaving away in the background:

Things that are happening on the weekend:


  • Secondhand Shop
  • Sweet Shop
  • Slide Jam with Jorge Higgins
  • LGC UK Workshops with Helena
  • Dual Hybrid slalom 
  • Freeriding
  • Live music at the campsite


  • Secondhand Shop
  • Sweet Shop (if there's any left!)
  • Freeriding
  • Dual Hybrid slalom
  • Giant Slalom
  • Mini Motos
  • Downhill Racing
  • Swag Scramble - yes, it's happening!

And until I polish the graphics for the mugs, and get the teeshirt design all in order, here's a meme to prepare you for a lot of updates in the coming week!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Registration open!

Hogtoberfest is go!

Having fought with the internet, my computer and my patience for freaking long enough, Registration is open through a paypal cart in the registration page (check out the tabs under the top banner, yeah the ones in yellow!)

More info and sponsors will go on here as soon as I have a quick break and a cup of coffee (read: tomorrow after work)

Peace, love, and a hell of a lot of stoke! Lets do this!!

Timmy Peters,
DAS Industries

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Here we go Again!

Not long now, the date's changed from what was printed in thrill, but stay amped. HogtoberFest will be back! Keep the first weekend of November free.

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab
Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab