Thursday, 10 November 2016

Media Dump #1 - video

BEcause the whole media dump post was getting Really Big (There's a lot of stuff out there) I'm breaking it down.

As with all media, if you're going to repost, or reupload or screen grab or whatever, CREDIT THE GUYS WHO MADE IT!

Thanks to everyone who took their time out of skating to film, here's the stuff!

First up, official video: BucksDownhill have been making videos for a few Hogs now, and havign chatted at length about doing something specifically for Hogtoberfest the crew came through with this ace video covering all the parts of the event,

And on to all the other videos:

Simas Anuzis got in touch before the event asking about making a video - here's his take on his first Hog Hill!

Stefano Ambro Caso got this video out on the Saturday, go give it some likes on Facebook:

Tomas Janu┼íka Has this sweet slo-mo heavy edit on facebook here:

Downhill Heat 1 from Joe Watkins

Alex Stickland posted this as a teaser while we waited for the BucksDH edit - shame we lost the music to it :(

Gareth Chamberlain got a good amount of luge footage, and a bit of some cheeky bkie riding with Tom Campbell.

I think that's it for the videos, message me if you've got one I've missed!

Peace outttttt!


Friday, 14 October 2016

Video sponsor frame, Camping update!

Sponsor Splash. Click on it and it'll go up to HD!

If you're making a video and want to support the event, please could you include the sponsor frame at the end! It helps us and it helps all the companies who're providing us with support. I look forward to all the videos!

Here's a map of where we are camping!
RM4 1NB (write it down)
Remember to follow signs on site, keep to the rules as per the waiver, and clean up after yourselves. 

  • If there's mess,
  • if the floor's muddy in the morning, 
  • if there's washing up to be done,
    Take the initiative and make it clean, or you all have to pay for it with higher camping costs!
(map link if the embed doesn't work:

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Race Heats!

So here's why I wanted you to all register to race beforehand!

Race heats for the open may have their order changed slightly due to clashes with other disciplines, but here it is!

Remember your Safety gear - Downhill Racing requires a Fullface, and Gloves! even better pads, even betterer, leathers, because road rash burns.

Also, remember you waivers! For riding (especially if under 18) and for camping.

Camping will be in the archery field, the DJ will still be down by the fire pit with the party! More on that on the facebook.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Mindless Longboards & Rekd Protection

Oscar and Dan (team riders) on the
start line at Hog

Right back on the first Hogtoberfest, back in 2010, one of the first brands I approached about sponsoring a speculative fledgling event with around 100 riders, was Mindless Longboards. In the years to come, Mindless have supported every Hog Hill, come rain or shine. Over those years they've diversified, improved, innovated, grown and now have three big UK names on their books, having picked up man/myth/legend Oscar Taylor in the last couple of months.

In the past I've raved about the Hamu dancer (I now own one) as an amazingly cheap (sub £200 complete) dancer that can stand up to a good kicking and rides great without having to swap bushings out. This time round Mindless are chucking us a Makali DH amongst other things. The Malaki boasts rocker, concave, CNC shaping, different wheelbases amongst other things, with a huge amount of consideration into making it a "downhill/freeride monster"

Mindless' Voodoo range knocks the socks off a lot of the stuff on the market (built in race bearings included), and come in at cheaper than the competition. If your keen friend without a board can't afford £160 for a kickass single-kick freeride/quiver-killer, then the mindless classic range drops down to pintails for £60. I've known a few people impulse buy these, and now be killer skaters (cough Mike Eales cough)

Based in the UK, The guys from Mindless also skate - you can normally meet Rudee, Martyn, Andy and ther team photographer Michael (If I remember correctly) at the Longboarding for little Hearts Santa Cruise joining in the fun on their boards.

Check 'em out and send them some likes!
Facebook: Mindless Longboards
Insta: @mindlesslongboards

Rekd are relatively new, but partnering Mindless' longboards with really slick, comfy, durable safety gear means they're already one to watch, and a very good option to bundle stuff with a board if you're introducing someone to the sport or upgrading to more serious kit. With Kneepads at the £20 mark and modelled off similar successful pads, none of you have any excuses for shredded knees at Hog Hills in 2017. As a relatively new brand, go follow them to keep up with their progress!

Insta: @rekdprotection

Bonus Points if you can name both longboarders.

Idle Slide gloves

A tiny example of the mad colourways!
Idle Slide gloves have been chucking gloves at people chucking themselves at hills for a couple of years now  very quickly picking up a following with affordable, colourful, versatile gloves in a range of styles. Ranging from ultra lightweight breathable gloves in soft fabric with Space print through to more serious leather affairs for those who race. Shaun and Adi are always cooking something new up - so keep your eyes peeled for what look like tees coming soon! The gloves at least are available from pretty much everywhere now!

We asked Shaun to sum up Idle for us:



Facebook :
Insta : @idleslidegloves

Like a Girl & Red Riding wolves

Like a Girl and Red Riding Wolves are two parts of the same clan of London skaters. Still classed as groms, both groups skate hard and print their own teeshirts. They'll be there skating, and are putting in some bundles of tees as prizes! With a great ethos it's best if you read what they say about themselves, it's much better worded than I could manage!

Both groups are pretty new, so boost them up with some Facebook Likes!

Like a Girl Co:

Like A Girl® Co is a multifaceted non-profit company, dedicated to build Self Love, Self Worth and Self Esteem in young women and girls.
To Enrich, Inspire and Encourage the Educational, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Growth within them, through workshops, online courses and Creative endeavours and outlets.
To create a safe space for self acceptance, exploration and Love.

Facebook: Like a Girl co.

Red riding wolves:

Red Riding Wolves™ are brothers, Ether, Storm and Ocean. They are a skate, longboard, snowboard crew. Young Wolf Pack love nothing better than to be on a board whether it's in the skatepark, downhill or on the slopes.
Share The Stoke and become part of the Pack

Facebook: Red Riding Wolves

The Wolves 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

AOB and Slide Perfect

Area One Boards burst onto the scene a couple of years back and have been keenly supporting everything going: From helping make Brianne Collective's freerides happen (including providing hot tea to riders in the pouring rain at Tregaron) all the way through to being Top Sponsors at Crackling with some awesomely generous prizes and funding some of the biggest UK team Euro tours in memory. They'll be at Hogtoberfest in Person, with the AOB van, their range of boards to show off, and a huge amount of support and stoke for the scene and the community. This time round though they'll have the cafe to make tea for them!

With a shiny new set of German-made boards out this year, including the lovely and so far very popular Falling Leaf dancer, they're challenging the established brands in all areas. Their team includes a huge amount of UK talent, and their Euro tour was huuuge! Bodhi Keen, now a team rider but also brains behind Slide Perfect teamed up with guys to try to spread that slide perfect love a bit further, and have made leaps and bounds towards getting their wheels worldwide. With recent work towards affordable rain wheels, Bodhi and co have brought out your "Plan B" in case it rains - the Redemption rain wheels, which will be available from the AOB stand at the event, or Bodhi if he's not beating you down the hill.

Jorge Higgins shows off some moves on the Falling Leaf down West near the AOB UK HQ - imagine having this scenery nearby!

Remember to keep an eye on the AOB pages, there's a brand new board coming out sometimes soon - the only thing we've got to go on so far is this picture:

If you're wondering where to get either AOB or Slide perfect products, check out Gravity House to get everything in the same place. The Gravity House shop will be with the AOB tent, so go check them out for the latest stuff. I'll be there angling for gossip on the new board!

Facebook: Area One Boards
Web:  AOB Boards
Insta: @aob_longboards

Insta: @slideperfect

Gravity HouseFacebook:  Gravity House Team
Insta: @gravityhouseUK

Bonus Picture. Wrecking some Euro Hills on an AOB Fussion and some Slide Perfect wheels

Octane Sport

Michael Stride started off as a slalom skater, back before Southbank had Billy Bragg telling skaters to sod off because he wanted to get paid by the national theatre. From a passion of skating, Octane Sport quickly became the go-to shop for longboarding and slalom way before Hog Hill even existed. Mike keeps his shop stocked with all sorts of goodies - from a staggering arrange of bushings, high quality cheap bearings through to brand new products fresh from global companies: new in just recently are some of these 2-tone Caliber trucks.

The Octane Shop will be there in physical form, a veritable cornucopia of bits and bobs, with plenty of bargains and sales bits Mike always lays on for the benefit of you lovely attendees. Remember to bring cash and go say hi! If there's something super specific, it's worth ordering it before the weekend to make sure he puts it in the van.

Octane also support Hog Hill events and Slalom scene through the ramps and timing gear - wothout these the slalom part of the event couldn't happen!

If the weather is good, Mike might also have his Caterham over by the shop!

Facebook: Octane Sport

Monday, 10 October 2016

Newtons Shred Longboard Shop

Newtons Shred will be one of 2 shops at the hill in person! Currently they have a postage option for orders that is "collect at Hogtoberfest", but get in quick, because Alex often packs the car earlier than Saturday morning!

Newtons Shred was born from passionate riders and is strongly rooted in the scene: Alex (in his own time, not while he's on the clock) runs beginner sessions in Crystal palace park, and Kami now offers lessons and coaching. Newton's Shred is recent compared to many brands and shops - it's about the same age as the Hog Hill event - but punches well above its weight for its age. A team of riders have tested pretty much everything they sell, meaning they're happy to put a stamp of approval on everything. They're stockists and good friends of brands like Kebbek and Slide Perfect, and stock a really good range of just about everything! They not only sponsor UK events (see below), but the shop also Sponsors KNK. That's where Alex Disappears off to every year around the same time.
Alex rocking the mic and eating a wrap at KnK this year.
Alex, the ever present face of the shop, the blog, and of course the podcasts will be running a top speed competition throughout the weekend.

Check out their stuff:
Insta: @newtonsshred

Raw Peaks

Intropducing a new sponsor this year, Raw Peaks have been around for a couple of years: an independent crew making some fantastic looking apparel. Here's what they have to say:
Raw Peaks is a global independent adventure apparel brand based in UK, specialising in developing fashionable streetwear clothing that's hard wearing. Our aim is to bring you contemporary clothing and headwear that are inspired by nature, but built for adventure!
Our products are designed using durable fabrics and have been tested under some of the harshest environments the world has to offer, so whether you're an urban explorer or wild adventurer our clothing will stand the test of time.

We believe in only the highest level of customer service and always try to post all orders as quickly as possible, typically next working day.

Bringing a little adventure into your life since 2014.
Raw Peaks was established in mid-2014 by a couple of British expatriates living and working in South East Asia. Keen adventurers and fans of independent street wear brands we found we needed fashionable clothing that could keep up with our hard-wearing, outdoors lifestyle. We started out by producing three 5 panel designs influenced by our love of nature and eventually took the concept back to the UK.

As an example of the rad stuff they do, check out this, the  Purple 5-panel caps. hardwearing but soft comfortable hats designed by the guys at Raw Peaks, including the side panel Graphics!

Unfortunately Ashley and the guys won't be at Hog Hill in person, but  like/share follow them to get more info and keep up with their adventures.


Friday, 7 October 2016

WoodMood Sunglasses

Brand new to the Hog sponsor roster is this great crew - already picking up riders like Ben Noddy and Luca Barton, they're getting involved in the scene straight up. Fran sent us this over to explain the ethos behind this new company:

"Woodmood not only gives importance to how you look with our glasses but also what you see through them. This is why we are concerned about environment. Since it is better to watch a forest than a desert with your “oldies” or your “wroupies”. All our wood come from sustainable forests so as you can keep on admiring all those beautiful landings that mother nature has gifted us.

We also try to use recycled materials in all of our glasses and parts. We have an acute awareness of the materials we use, which belongs to the earth's lungs. We assume we have a responsibility with the environment, as we also know that respecting mother nature, we also respect the future.

With our glasses you will be in the Woodmood because all of them are made of sustainable wood and no forest will disappear because of us.

Woodmood also cares for sports and healthy life. That's why we actually support teams which want to follow our philosophy and help them in their way to success."

Check out their Facebook/insta/website, and send them some likes. They'll be there in person both with their sunnies for sale and riding on the hill, so go say hi :)

Insta: @woodmoodtrends

Green is the fastest colour.

Surf n Turf Thaneshop

Jack Walpole, alongside being an accomplished skater from the west country, also runs a fantastic shop, who've been sponsoring events left, right and centre this year. Compared to the big brands Surf' N' Turf punches well above their weight in scene support!

From doing a selection of everything, Jack's focused down on keeping a more curated collection of Urethane and urethane accessories. Surf N' Turf boast a killer range of rare, uncommon and exotic wheels that are difficult to get elsewhere, alongside some crowd favourites like the UK developed Slide Perfects. The shop also carries grip and bearings, and Jack's goes out of his way to make sure the products are the best, and that you guys get ace service - even to the point where he can custom order decks and trucks and such for you, AND price match them.

Check em out and support a guy who cares about the scene and really rad gear at:
Insta: @surfnturfthaneshop

Halftones! Striped thane lines waiting to happen!

Thursday, 6 October 2016


Boardlogic have been around for a while now, making boards to order from dialled designs and carefully perfected layups, resins and manufacturing methods.It's probably better if you read what they wrote:


  • Four years ago, in a Napoleonic dock, we blagged some workshop space and made our first prototype. It's still going.
  • Immediately we started tweaking our initial molds and over a race season took decks to races and freerides all over Europe. 
    • We've been under the feet of the best skaters in the UK since inception. They know. 
  • Three years ago we made our first RaceLite board and it's followed our riders around for another season. 
    • We took our initial concepts, added lots of lightness, took away none of the essence and created a super light, super stiff board that's still going.
  • Two years ago we realised that Boardlogic could be more than just a hobby and updated our offerings to include a more rounded selection of boards. 
  • Since then we've been making and selling boards to riders all over to race and enjoy!

Boardlogic have been lurking and riding at a lot of BDSL events, and Dan is involved in making sure all the gears in the background are turning in the right direction. Check out their facebook for media, info and sass.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

D Street Longboards

Facebook   D Street Longboards
Insta         @dstreetskate

D Street Longboards have been solid supporters of Hog Hill since they arrived on the scene a few years back, and, being a UK based company have seen quite a few UKDH names riding in videos of their boards.

Since their inception, their lineup has grown rapidly, including very neat campus cruising "stubbys" with a pretty rad, retro checkerboard pattern and in the last year or so with a range of wood cruisers that have been reliably scarce in shops due to their immense popularity. From polyprop boards all the way up to drop through and down more serious bits of kit, it's worth having a look through their ranges.

For those of you out there converting street skaters to longboards, the D Street polyprop wheels are spot on; really cheap and with a damn good grip. For those of you looking for something for a distance setup (Tim's prediction: next big thing after dancing) check out the Fly wheels - solid, big grip machines we've handed out as prizes numerous times in the past.

Thanks very much to the D Street crew for sponsoring again!

Tom, Ry and Sion of Brianne Collective Fame having a muck about on some corners

Kick push #dstreet

A photo posted by D Street Longboards (@dstreetskate) on

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Sponsor spotlights incoming!

Now we're at the one-month-to-go stage, everything starts kicking off!

  • Registration is go!
    • New details this year include DH race signup as online only
    • 200 riders limit for the entire event, so grab your spot. we're about 20% registered, 10% paid already!
    • Remember your waivers, helmets, gloves, and camping gear!
  • Sponsors incoming!
    • Over the next couple of weeks we'll get more info on our sponsors; in the mean time, follow facebook links, or the logos on the side of the blog --->>>
    • Also watch out for pictures of prizes, and for the new teeshirts for this year: mockup here (last years sponsors shown, this year a few TBC)
    • Tees available from registration page, we sold out last year, so preorder is best! 
    • Register and pay up online before the 30th September to get your name on the back.
  • News about camping
    • there's now a Camping waiver, but that doesn't mean we're not having fun - announcements next week covering TWO bands we're hoping to get play at the campsite.
    • Please, please save the Lambourne end address, takeaway numbers and the address of the local Tesco in your phone before you leave! No-one does, and then panics when they're hungry and have no data!
    • Lambourne end is here, and you're all capable of using google maps. Most phones have an "offline maps" fucntion as well that you can utilise.
  • Schedule:
    • it's up top in a tab, but the short version reads:
      • Sliding - Saturday PM
      • Dancing/flat - Sunday AM
      • Racing - Sunday Lunch
      • Slalom
        • Dual hybrid - Sat PM & Sun AM
        • GS - Sun AM
      • Freeride - all the damn time :D
    • Racing is flexible because it depends on GS using the hill. it's normally started by 1, finished by 3-4.
  • DH racing
    • there are 3 rounds, so you get to race 3 times. This gives you a seeding number, the lowest totals (eg 1st/2nd/1st in your races = 1+2+1 =4) are selected and semis/finals run as apporpriate. 
    • Sometimes you'll race as 5's, sometimes as 4's, occasionally as 6 down at a time. This is done because the hill is relatively safe and it makes for tighter, quicker racing. racing 4 down instead of 5 increases the overall wait between heats by 25%. 
    • Racing at Hog Hill is meant to be fun, inclusive, and non-threatening to those coming into the sport. Riders are requested to be good sportspeople, and ambassadors for the sport.
    • Our races are no longer BDSL-affiliated. It was felt that the hill was not of a calibre suiting the league and that it encouraged a much stronger competitive atmosphere than the organisers were looking for.
    • We recommend going and trying a BDSL race once you're confident at Hog Hill, it's the next step up to going downhill faster! 

Friday, 26 August 2016

Build the hype 2016

Another year rolls towards completion in my organiser's brain, and although it's not even September, I've got my brain focused squarely slap bang on the middle of October.

Doing events in my spare time is always somewhat fraught with distraction and motivational challenges, but every event I'm part of reminds me why I keep putting myself through all the rigmarole.

April from Shove-it Mag has written this fantastic article on the Razorback games, which had an amazing community vibe. Doing these events allows people to have these experiences, to have these opportunities to skate that were few and far between in my early skating years. Seeing your collective enthusiasm for skating, and seeing you all get so much out of Hog Hill events is the huge reward I get for sinking time and effort into these events. And now I'm doing it all over again!

See you all in a couple of months :)


Podium shenannigans from Razorback games.
Credit to Chris Drewery photogrpahy

Build the hype 2016

Another year rolls towards completion in my organiser's brain, and although it's not even September, I've got my brain focused squarely slap bang on the middle of October.

Doing events in my spare time is always somewhat fraught with distraction and motivation, but every event I'm part of reminds me why I keep putting myself through all the rigmarole.

April from Shove-it Mag has written this fantastic article on the Razorback games, which had an amazing community vibe. Doing these events allows people to have these experiences, to have these opportunities to skate that were few and far between in my early skating years. Seeing your collective enthusiasm for skating, and seeing you all get so much out of Hog Hill events is the huge reward I get for sinking time and effort into these events. And now I'm doing it all over again!

See you all in a couple of months :)


Podium shenannigans from Razorback games.
Credit to Chris Drewery photogrpahy

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab
Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab